Webinar- 9 reasons to perform your chemistry in continuous flow

What is the webinar about?

This webinar was a follow-up to the very popular “Introduction to Flow Chemistry and its First Principles” webinar, and involved Andrew Mansfield, Flow Chemistry Leader at Syrris, explaining the 9 main reasons chemists are switching to continuous flow techniques for their chemistry. After the 9 main reasons, Andrew goes on to give specific published examples of how the 9 main benefits have directly improved existing chemistry or opened up novel chemistry spaces.

The webinar was aired live on 3rd October 2018.

Who’s it for?

Students and experienced chemists looking to further their understanding of flow chemistry.

Live questions and answers session

At the end of our webinars, we answer questions our attendees have asked throughout the session. Here’s the list of questions we received during this webinar session. There were too many to answer in the live webinar but we made sure to get back to everyone who asked a question immediately.

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