Atlas Orbit Systems

Part of the Atlas HD range

The Atlas Orbit from Syrris is a high performance, low-cost parallel synthesis module for research and development chemistry. 6 or 12 reaction tubes can be magnetically stirred in an inert atmosphere and be heated to 280°C (hotplate temperature to 280°C) with reflux or cooled to –40°C. Atlas Orbit fits conveniently on the Atlas Hotplate, Atlas Hot and Cold Plate, or regular hotplates.

  • Parallel chemistry: Up to 6 x 45 mL tubes (25 mL max working volume) or 12 x 10 mL tubes (3.5 mL max working volume)
  • Easy to use: Twist and click lid seals all the reaction tubes simultaneously. All operations are tool-free
  • Inert atmosphere: One inert gas supply is distributed to all reaction tubes
  • Wide temperature range: Heat reactions up to 280°C (hotplate temperature to 280°C) or cool down to -40°C
  • Convenient: The water and gas supplies stay connected to the reflux unit allowing the rack of tubes to be removed independently
  • Safe: Cool wall surrounds heated area
  • Easy reagent addition: A reusable and easily replaceable septum covers each reaction vessel
  • Compact size: Fits conveniently on a hotplate
  • Robust: Specifically designed for use in chemical laboratories
  • High performance: Efficient reflux condenser and magnetic stirring

Atlas Orbit Features

The Atlas Orbit is available in two sizes: 6 tubes (24 mm Ø, 45 mL) and 12 tubes (13 mm Ø, 10 mL). Each tube size has a corresponding cap with septum. The novel nature of the Atlas Orbit means that as the Atlas Orbit lid is clicked in place, the inert atmosphere is applied to all the tubes simultaneously.

When the lid is removed, the septa are automatically re-sealed and the tubes are free to be transported. The unique design also allows the gas and water supplies to remain connected to the reflux unit whilst the tubes are transported in the Atlas Orbit.

Three Atlas Orbit systems are available, each enabling “off the shelf” operation. Each includes the Atlas Orbit module with lid and Reflux Unit, and consumables including reaction vessels, septa, caps, and stirrers.


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