Asia Microreactors

Part of the Asia range

The Asia Microreactors are chemically resistant, transparent, robust flow reactors for solution phase chemistry. They offer a wide temperature and pressure range. The design results in extremely fast and reproducible mixing, rapid heat transfer and minimized back pressure due to flow.

The glass chip is supplied in a holder which enables a number of benefits such as the quick connection of fluid pipes via the Chip Header (2100147), physical durability, and thermal insulation. The holder also allows the microreactor to be heated or cooled by clipping it into the Asia Chip Climate Controller or Asia Heater.

Three different reactor volumes (62.5 µL, 250 µL, and 1000 µL) are available giving a range of reaction times (the residence time of the chemicals within the reactor changes with volume assuming the flow rate remains constant). Each volume comes in either a 2 input or 3 input version. Chip blanking plugs (2100210) can be placed into the Chip Header to reduce the number of inputs used. Note that the output of one Microreactor can be connected to the input of a second reactor to perform sequential reactions.


Wetted materials Glass or quartz
Temperature range -20°C to +250°C (+180°C for 1000 µL Microreactor Chip)
Maximum pressure 30 bar (20 bar for 1000 µL Microreactor Chip)

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