Syrris Orb for controlled synthesis of active ingredients

A Syrris Orb Jacketed Reactor is helping Italian company NIS Materials to reproducibly synthesize new materials used as active ingredients for products such as paints, polymeric coatings, and concrete.

Dr. Marco Marchetti, Founder and CEO, explained:

“Currently, we do a lot of work with the building and construction sector, synthesizing active ingredients with specific properties – for example, antibacterial or anti-odor products – for use in paints and coatings. Moving forward, we plan to use our background in biomaterials to expand into biomedical applications. Reproducible synthesis depends on strict control of reaction parameters such as pH, temperature, time and rate of reagent addition, which can all affect the properties of the active ingredient. It is particularly important to control the reaction pH, temperature, and stirring since even slight changes can compromise the end product.

“The Orb is easy to set up and use, and offers exceptional control of pH and other reaction parameters, enabling us to continuously optimize our processes.

“To increase the level of automation, we use the Orb with a Syrris Atlas syringe pump and a Reactor Master module – a user-friendly device that allows us to set up reactions, store and analyze experimental data, and compare different synthesis profiles. We also have the Reactor Master PC software for occasions when full PC control is preferred.

I am very satisfied with the Orb. It offers the control and reproducibility that is vital to all of our experiments, and is the best system in the marketplace.”

Dr. Marco Marchetti at NIS Materials using his Syrris Orb Jacketed Reactor

For more information, visit the Orb Jacketed Reactor product page or contact us to speak to a Syrris chemist.

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