Orb Pilot

Orb Pilot is a pilot-scale, modular jacketed reactor for scaling up of batch processes and offers multiple setups in one footprint.

Orb Pilot is the most flexible and versatile floor standing jacketed reactor system for scaling up of batch processes. Designed from the ground up with the help of scale-up chemists and chemical engineers, Orb Pilot boasts a wealth of user-friendly features such as quick vessel changes, easy height adjustments, and a self-adjusting spring-loaded base frame.
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1. Multiple setups, one footprint

Whether you require a 10 or 50 L vessel, jacketed or vacuum jacketed, all can be used on the same frame with Orb Pilot. An additional accessories spine can be placed alongside for supporting  pumps, collection vessels or reflux assemblies as well as many other configurations.

2. Vessel change in under an hour

In other reactor systems, changing  vessels can take days. Time can be expensive, so Orb Pilot was designed to ensure you have more time to focus on chemistry rather than setting up your system. Along with a tool-free clamp, Orb Pilot has a spring-loaded base and quickly removable motor to enable vessel changes in under an hour.

Syrris Orb Pilot Key Feature - Loading Vessel

3. Superior mixing

Along with an extensive range of stirrer options (including  PBT, hydrofoil and anchor), Orb Pilot has easily removable baffles. Not only do these improve mixing, but they can also be quickly removed and cleaned via the lid ports. These are available in both high and low shear mixing profiles.

Syrris Orb Pilot Key Feature - Baffles for Superior Mixing

4. Efficient and powerful stirring

Orb Pilot is compatible with all major stirrer manufactures’ products without the need to change mounting hardware. Choose from a selection of stirrer motors offering up to 500 rpm and 400 Ncm continuous torque.

Syrris Orb Pilot Key Feature - Easy Motor Lift

5. Safer for your glassware

Orb Pilot’s force-limited clamp means no damage to your vessels or lids. Long gone are the days of expensive equipment replacements. Any user can tighten Orb Pilot’s clamp in minutes without any risk to the glassware. This feature also enables rapid stirrer or vessel changes.

Orb Pilot has all the features chemical engineers told us they wanted in a larger scale reactor system.”

Stuart Simcock, Product manager
Stuart Simcock - Head of Batch Chemistry at Syrris
Syrris Orb Pilot - Texture -Side arm
Syrris Orb Pilot Texture - Bubbles
Syrris Orb Pilot Texture - Condenser
Syrris Orb Pilot Texture - Glass Lid
Syrris Orb Pilot Sketch


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