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  1. Asia Heater

    The Asia Heater provides heating for all types of Asia reactors. With its range of adapters that are interchangeable in seconds, it can quickly and accurately heat glass microreactors, tube reactors, or solid phase reactors. Microreactors can be heated up to 250ºC using the Microreactor Adaptor. Fluoropolymer tube reactors can […]
  2. Asia Reactors

    Asia flow chemistry systems use a range of reactors, these include glass microreactors, tube reactors and column reactors in a range of configurations and sizes. These reactors are optimized for heat and mass transfer, allowing for the greatest flexibility when designing a flow chemistry experiment. They are also highly chemically […]
  3. R&D

    Syrris has been developing chemistry equipment for over 15 years. Founded in 2001 by a team of engineers and scientists, Syrris has R&D and technology at its core. The team has won two prestigious R&D 100 awards in the past 7 years for its innovative, groundbreaking products and is comprised […]
  4. Asia Tube Cooler

    The Asia Tube Cooler enables a range of fluoropolymer and stainless steel Asia Tube Reactors to be cooled to as low as -68°C. The module can either be used in standalone mode or can plug into an Asia Heater to have the reaction temperature monitored and displayed. When also connected […]
  5. Asia Cryo Controller

    This compact module requires only mains power to rapidly cool a selection of fluoropolymer or stainless steel tube reactors to -70°C or a range of glass or quartz microreactors to -100°C. Designed specifically for flow chemistry, the Asia Cryo Controller offers the ultimate in compact, high performance, trouble free cooling […]
  6. Asia FLUX Electrochemisty

    The Asia FLUX is a flexible, tunable, continuous flow electrochemistry module. This compact module enables unique chemical transformations with ultimate ease of use. The module consists of a power supply and electrochemical flow cell. The cell, with minimal electrode gap, enables a wide range of electrode materials to be changed […]
  7. Asia Flow Chemistry System

    An advanced flow chemistry system designed by chemists for chemists. It enables the widest variety of chemical reactions and ultimate ease of use.
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  9. Private: ARCHIVE Chemisens Reaction Calorimeter

    The Chemisens Reaction Calorimeter is the most sophisticated, powerful, and accurate reaction calorimeter available. The Chemisens Reaction Calorimeter uses a unique True Heat Flow Measurement technology to enable real-time precision analysis.
  10. Atlas PC Software 1

    Atlas Software 1 is an easy-to-use PC based application for control and analysis of experiments. Whole systems including stirrers, circulators, RTDs, pumps, balances etc. can be configured using virtually any manufacturer’s apparatus. The “drag and drop” interface means recipes can be created, changed and saved with a click of a […]
  11. Atlas Reporting Software

    The Atlas Reporting Software allows easy graphical analysis of log files generated by either the Base Unit, Atlas Software 1, or Atlas Syringe Pump. Log files in .csv format are easily imported using the simple wizard style software, allowing graphs to be created and customized, quickly and easily. When a […]
  12. Atlas Parallel Software

    The Atlas Parallel Software 1 allows many systems (up to 4) to be connected to one PC and controlled in parallel. Atlas Parallel Software 1 opens multiple instances of Atlas Software 1 and defines the system to which each piece of apparatus is assigned (such as Atlas Base Units or […]