Atlas Reporting Software

Part of the Atlas HD range

The Atlas Reporting Software allows easy graphical analysis of log files generated by either the Base Unit, Atlas Software 1, or Atlas Syringe Pump.

Log files in .csv format are easily imported using the simple wizard style software, allowing graphs to be created and customized, quickly and easily. When a calorimetry log file, generated by the Atlas Calorimetry Software Upgrade, is imported, many other features are unlocked.

  • Intelligent: Atlas Reporting Software converts complex log files into easy to use graphical data
  • User-friendly: Atlas Reporting Software generates graphs through wizard style software in the space of seconds, with easy to use, ‘drag and drop’ interface, enabling fast analysis
  • Easy data capture: Log files are easily downloaded from Atlas modules (Atlas Base Unit, Atlas Syringe Pump, Reactor Master, Software) using a USB stick
  • Universal: Log files (from Atlas modules or other software) can be uploaded to the Atlas Reporting Software for instant graphical analysis of reaction data
  • Customizable: Data and graphs are easily edited with the click of a button and files can be exported as an image, PDF or .csv file
  • Cost-effective: Atlas Reporting Software is a cost-effective solution for people who want an intelligent and easy to use software platform for interpreting reaction data files
  • Easy processing of calorimetric data: Sophisticated raw data is automatically converted to calibrated power and enthalpy

Atlas Reporting Software Features

The innovative Atlas Reporting Software also enables multiple .csv files to be imported simultaneously. This allows parameters from different experiments to be plotted on the same graph, e.g. temperature, pH, etc. allowing a comprehensive, batch to batch analysis.

The Atlas Reporting Software also displays comments added during the experiment by the software or the user. Clicking on a comment shows a line on the graph (see image below) of when the comment was added allowing easy correlation between recorded comments and data.

Atlas Reporting Software enables easy plotting of parameters including:

  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Stirrer speed
  • Flow rate
  • Cumulative volume
  • Turbidity
  • Tr-Tj (reaction monitoring)
  • FTIR
  • Mass dosed
  • Reaction power
  • Reaction enthalpy
  • Pressure

Atlas Reporting Software and Atlas Calorimetry

The innovative Atlas Reporting Software enables log files generated by the Atlas Calorimetry Software Upgrade to be interpreted quickly and easily.

The software’s wizard style interface allows fast and effective analysis of the thermal properties of the reaction with the click of a button.

The Atlas Reporting Software imports raw data and automatically corrects for the sensible heat of addition and changes in UA.

Graphs of reaction power, reaction enthalpy, overall process enthalpy, and sensible heat of addition are all automatically displayed alongside other process data such as additions. There is a range of Atlas Software products designed for the control of experiments, data collection, and data analysis.

The laboratory software used to control Atlas apparatus (and other manufacturers’ apparatus) is called Atlas PC Software 1.

A summary of the Atlas reactor software range is below;

  • Atlas PC Software 1: For whole system control, configuration and analysis of Atlas hardware and all RS232 controlled devices such as pumps, balances, circulators, etc.
  • Atlas Reporting Software: Allows easy graphical analysis of log files generated by either the Base Unit, Atlas Software 1, or the Atlas Syringe Pump
  • Atlas Parallel Software: Will control many Atlas systems (up to 4) and allow them to be connected to one PC and be controlled in parallel
  • Atlas Calorimetry Software Upgrade: Used with Atlas Software 1, the Atlas Calorimetry Software Upgrade enables heat flow calorimetry and power compensation calorimetry to be performed
  • Atlas COM Port Software: Provides the same functionality as Atlas Software 1, with the exception that it uses RS232 connection directly to the PC rather than via an Atlas Port


Atlas Laboratory Software 1 is an easy to use, PC based application for control and analysis of experiments. Whole systems including stirrers, circulators, temperature sensors, pumps, balances, FTIR probes, FBRM, probes, etc. can be configured using virtually any manufacturer’s apparatus, by using an Atlas Port. The “drag and drop” interface means recipes can be created, changed and saved with the click of a mouse.

Atlas Software enables setpoints, ramps, or sophisticated profiles of control parameters to be set using tables or graphs. It is easy to define end conditions, shutdown limits, and alarms.

Sophisticated actions such as pH control, using a pump and pH meter, or gravimetric dosing using a balance and pump, are made easy.

During a reaction, the Atlas Laboratory Software allows responses to be continuously monitored and graphed with easy to use alarms and emergency control.

Experiments can be modified on-the-fly, and all reaction data is continuously logged to CSV data files making analysis very easy.

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  • Atlas HD Reaction Calorimeter

    An easy-to-use, high-performance calorimetry system. Using either Heat Flow Calorimetry (HFC) or Power Compensation Calorimetry (PCC), it can generate power and enthalpy graphs quickly and easily.

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