Syrris launches the Asia Photochemistry System

Syrris has joined the photochemistry movement with its new Asia Photochemistry System. The latest addition to the company’s award-winning Asia Flow Chemistry range, the Asia Photochemistry Reactor enables a host of novel photochemistry applications in flow across a variety of sectors – including pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, agrochemicals and fine chemicals, as well as in academic institutions.

The Asia Photochemistry System has been designed to meet the demands of the market, with individual, high powered LED modules available to provide a variety of wavelengths. These modules can be quickly and easily interchanged for rapid screening and optimization of conditions, and offer adjustable light intensities to help tune reaction times and increase production rates. A built-in, interlocking cover prevents high intensity light exposure to ensure user safety, and the system also provides precise and accurate temperature control from ˗40 to +80 °C, eliminating the need for external cooling sources to maintain optimum performance.

Developed with chemists in mind, the Asia Photochemistry Reactor stays true to the values and principles of Syrris flow chemistry products – modular in design, flexible, scalable and offering ultimate ease of use. Syrris has dedicated a significant amount of time ensuring that the Asia Photochemistry Reactor will exceed user expectations, based on 20 years of experience working with flow chemistry experts around the globe. This extremely user-friendly system allows chemists to control experiments either manually or using intuitive automation software, supported by world-class global customer care.

Lee Walmsley, Senior Team Leader in Chemistry at Vernalis Research, who is an early-access user of the new Asia Photochemistry Reactor, commented:

“The Asia Photochemistry Reactor is enabling my team to quickly optimize reactions in flow on a small scale, then translate this to any scale to develop new methodologies. We now have the ability to build a library of previously inaccessible or unknown compounds for drug discovery projects. The modular and versatile design has allowed us to switch it to do whatever chemistry we like, while also being efficient – saving time and solvent.”

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