Syrris is building on the success of its previous flow chemistry and automated process chemistry seminars with a series of free workshops that will enable scientists around the world to benefit from the Company’s extensive knowledge and experience.

Last year’s inaugural seminar in Thailand laid the foundations for the global rollout of this educational program, and Syrris hosted the first of this year’s meetings in Mumbai and Bangalore, India, in April. These workshops were exceptionally well received, prompting delegate Dr. Paitoon RajataSakhon, Assistant Professor at Chulalongkorn University, to comment;

The staff were very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. They invited all kinds of technical and theoretical questions, and I found the equipment demonstrations very useful.”

The next event is due to take place at the Dinslaken premises of German distributor YMC Europe GmbH from the 21st to 25th of May. This will consist of focused workshops on both flow chemistry – covering the theoretical and practical aspects of reaction optimization and adaptation of established batch chemistry processes – and automated process chemistry, including reaction calorimetry and new crystallization techniques that enable narrower particle size distributions and better selectivity of polymorphs.

Making the most of the Company’s network of regional offices, there will be further workshops in China, Brazil, and Japan from June to October, with an event planned in the USA later in the year, ensuring that chemists worldwide are catered for.

To register, or to find out more about the workshops, please visit our events and workshops page or email

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